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Launch, grow & monetize your newsletter — in one place

All-in-one dashboard for your newsletter operations. Curate, write and manage your newsletter directly from Notion.

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Why should I buy it?


Curate & Write

Plan, write & schedule your newsletter issues from one place. Save ideas, links & resources by using Notion web clipper. Then pull them into your newsletter issue with one-click.


Growth & Distribution

Launching a newsletter isn’t enough. You have to promote it too. Distribution Checklist & Promotion Workflow make it super easy to promote your newsletter by repurposing your newsletter content.


Manage Ads & Sponsorships

Showcase your ads availability and manage your newsletter sponsorships in Notion. Then pull these details in any newsletter issue in few clicks.


Newsletter Guides


Newsletter Sending Checklist

There is a checklist for every process from creating newsletter template to sending it. Get writing, editing and newsletter review checklist. And to-do tasks list after sending a newsletter.

🚀 BONUS: Get all newsletter sending checklists for FREE.  

What's Included?

One-click curation and enhanced writing experience

Use the built-in comprehensive system for planning, writing, curating and scheduling your newsletter issues. 

Write down your half-baked ideas in the Idea Dump section. 

Save ideas, links & resources in the Curation Hub by using Notion saver or Notion web clipper extension. 

Boost your newsletter growth

Do all one-time tasks mentioned in the Distribution Checklist to grow your newsletter quickly.

After sending every newsletter issue, do Promotion Workflow tasks. Do so by repurposing your newsletter content to create tweets, threads and other social media posts.

Track your collaboration with other newsletters in the Cross-promotions section.

Manage sponsors, revenue and expenses

Monitor competitor newsletter sponsors in the Sponsor Tracker and track outreach progress. 

Utilize My Sponsors for seamless sponsor management and delivering ad results.

Organize affiliate links in the Affiliate Links section and track their performance for future selection of top performers.

Resources, guides and much more ...

Explore top tools, best newsletter directories, and stellar email templates.

Stay ahead with Recurring Tasks: never miss any essential task and build efficient, scalable processes for your team.


One price for lifetime access.

Newsletter Kit

$ 39
  • Curate, write and manage your newsletter
  • Save ideas, links & resources
  • Manage ads, sponsorships & cross-promotions
  • Email templates and recurring tasks checklist
  • Newsletter sending checklist
  • Lifetime updates

Bundle: Newsletter Kit + 4 Guides

$ 49
  • Newsletter Kit, plus
  • Access full Newsletter Kit
  • Newsletter growth guide
  • Monetization guide
  • Landing page guide
  • Cross-promotions guide

Newsletter Kit + 4 Guides + Consultation

$ 89
  • Newsletter Kit + 4 guides, plus
  • Access full Newsletter Kit
  • Access all newsletter guides
  • 30-Minute consultation call to discuss newsletters & Newsletter Kit


Indeed, the value of Newsletter Kit extends beyond its price tag of $79.

I have invested over 100 hours to curate the finest resources and building the all-in-one Notion dashboard, saving you valuable time and effort.

The best part is that Newsletter Kit is designed to be actionable, going beyond a one-time read; it offers a weekly-usable system to ensure your ongoing success.

Embrace this opportunity to enhance your newsletter journey with a time-saving and actionable solution like Newsletter Kit.

No. You don’t have to be a paid user of Notion. You can view and duplicate Newsletter Kit in the free plan as well.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the purchase or it doesn’t provide any value, just reply to the download email within 30 days or message me on Twitter (@FalakDigital) and get the full refund. 

Please message me on Twitter (@FalakDigital) or use the chat widget at the bottom right of the page to reach out.

All-in-one dashboard for your newsletter operations.

Manage newsletter efficiently. Boost newsletter growth. Book more sponsors.

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