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Master the art of launching on Product Hunt

All-in-one collection of planning checklists, tips, guides, resources, tools and lifetime access to Product Hunt experts community. Available for Airtable, Google Sheets, and Notion.

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Why should I buy it?

To prepare for Product Hunt launch. So you get into Top 5 products of the day and get 10X more users, press coverage, backlinks and $$$.

Save 200+ Hours

Everyone is writing their Product Hunt launch stories since 2013. Fortunately, you don't have to read all of them as I have read *most* of them by spending few weeks and condensed all of them into this checklist.​

200+ Actionable Tips

Launch stories have become another medium of promotion. Most of them cover their wins only without describing how they did it and what was their secret sauce. This secret sauce is actually this checklist.

60+ Places To Share PH launch

Launching on Product Hunt alone isn't enough. You have to drive maximum traffic and upvotes to stay in top 5 products of the day. These 60+ sources will drive traffic and upvotes to your Product Hunt launch.

30+ Useful Tools

Make More $$$

Upvotes aren't going to pay your bills. But successful launch can do so by bringing more sales, users etc for your products.

🚀BONUS: Get the launch day timetable for FREE.  
✅ Guaranteed launch in Top 5 products or I’ll refund your money 100%


What's Included?

Filter by Impact

Filter by impact allows you to filter tasks with maximum returns. It’s particularly handy if you have limited time.

Available tags: Low, Medium, High and Very High.

Filter by Effort

Filter by effort allows you to filter quick wins from time-consuming tasks. Combine it with the impact filter to target ‘High Impact’-‘Low Effort’ tasks

Available tags: Low, Medium, High and Very High.

Plan your Launch

Plans are nothing: planning is everything. Keeping that in mind, these 200+ tips are categorized into 12 checklists based on the number of remaining days until your launch. 

Checklists: 1 month before, 1 week before, 1 day before, launch day and after launch checklist and timetable etc.

Available for Every Platform

Most of us use Google Sheets, whereas some use Airtable. And others are fans of Notion. Considering that, it’s available across all these platforms.

Platforms: Airtable, Google Sheets and Notion. 

Product Hunt Community

You can ask pre-launch questions, share marketing strategies, and help others by giving feedback and support.

In return, you will get feedback and support from the community when you launch on Product Hunt.


One price for lifetime access.

Launch Checklists

$ 39
  • Save 200+ hours on research
  • 200+ actionable tips
  • 12 checklists
  • Launch day timetable
  • 60+ places to share PH launch
  • Product Hunt community
  • Available for Airtable, Google Sheets and Notion
  • Lifetime updates

Checklists + Consultation

$ 79
  • Launch checklists, plus
  • Ask anything about Product Hunt launch
  • 30-Minute consultation to plan your launch together

Done for you

$ 299
  • Launch checklists & consultation, plus
  • Product Hunt Launch Checklist
  • 30-Minute consultation to plan your launch together
  • We will handle Product Hunt launch marketing as well

✨ Checklist Magic


Absolutely. Doing all this research yourself will take 100+ hours. To save your effort and time, I have read and collected the best tips, guides, resources, tools and checklists. You’ll get instant access to all-in-one checklist to plan your Product Hunt launch. Plus, you will get lifetime access to a Product Hunt experts community as well.

If the price is too high for you, message me on Twitter @FalakDigital or connect with me through the chat widget present on the bottom right of the page. I’ll be happy to give you a discount code if you’re a student or you’re simply in a hard financial situation.

YES. This checklist is equally helpful for starters as well as experts. However, it’s created with beginners in mind.

Experts can learn a lot from it to improve their launch strategy and do even better launches on Product Hunt.

No. These tips are universal and applicable for launch on any platform. However, they are compiled considering launch on Product Hunt.

Nothing at all. All information is the same & present in Airtable, Google Sheets as well as Notion template. Only difference is they are formatted according to the platform.

You just have to pick one version and duplicate it in your favorite tool.

No. You don’t have to be a paid user of Notion or Airtable. You can view and duplicate Product Hunt Checklist in the free plan as well.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the purchase or it doesn’t provide any value, just reply to the download email within 30 days or message me on Twitter (@FalakDigital) and get a full refund. No questions asked.

Please message me on Twitter (@FalakDigital) or use the chat widget at the bottom right of the page to reach out.

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Master the art of launching products on Product Hunt with this comprehensive & actionable resource.

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